Mother Nurture One Day Antenatal classes and Parenting Classes

At Mother Nurture caring and nurturing are fundamental parts of our philosophy. We strive to ensure, through our dedication, that your journey to parenthood is a positive and life enhancing experience. Mother Nurture aims to provide you with the necessary tools, information and experience through our one day antenatal classes and parenting classes. We deliver our classes in a relaxed manner making sure that there is plenty of time for questions, practical demonstrations and of course the opportunity to tackle any issue you are unsure of. Mother Nurture aims to:

Supporting mums and dads on their journey to parenthood.
Supply the most up to date Information on pregnancy, labour, birth and nutrition.
Offer the best advice on caring for the new born at home.
Provide current information on breast and bottle feeding.
Help you care for your new baby in an environmentally friendly way.

Provide home support through post natal home visits.


All of our antenatal classes and parenting classes are provided by practising midwives, lactation consultants, senior paramedics and other healthcare professionals.

We are fully committed to providing a holistic individual quality antenatal service that focuses on your needs and that gives you the support that you require.


We listen and respond to all your questions, apprehensions and worries and strive to connect you with the resources that will best support and guide you on your path to parenthood.



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