Antenatal Classes Cork


Option 1 - Nutrition and early days antenatal class

At Mother Nurture we believe that good nutrition and a healthy body play a vital part in ensuring an uncomplicated and enjoyable pregnancy and of course ensuring that your baby gets the best possible start.


For this reason we recommend our Nutrition and early days antenatal class as soon as you discover you are pregnant or indeed up to 5 months after which time you would probably consider attending one of our one full day antenatal classes. Our Nutrition and early days antenatal class is run by an experienced practicing midwife.


Throughout the 2 hour antenatal class we discuss all aspects of your diet, nutrition, the common complaints of pregnancy and food safety. You will also get an opportunity to ask any of those nagging questions that might be bothering you.



During our Nutrition and early days antenatal class we will guide you on

  • Eating correctly for you and baby

  • Food safety in pregnancy

  • Managing common complaints through diet and exercise

  • How to avoid postural complaints

  • How to avoid back complaints

  • How to avoid pelvic complaints

  • Advise on relaxation exercises pilates/yoga

  • Packing you bag for hospital





Option 2 - One day antenatal class

Our one full day antenatal class is ideal for first time mums and dads. It is delivered by highly qualified CUMH practicing midwives. This is important as it ensures that you get the most up to date and comprehensive information and training available from professionals who deal daily with all aspects of pregnancy and birthing. As a rule of thumb you should always ask and ensure that your teacher is a registered and practicing midwife before booking any antenatal class.


We recommend that you attend our one day antenatal class from month five onwards. We hold it on one Saturday per month at the River Lee Hotel on the Western Road in Cork. The class runs from 10:00 to 17:30. Mother Nurture provides refreshments, excluding lunch, and parking is complimentary and convenient in the underground car park under the hotel.


Our one day antenatal class is very comprehensive and covers all aspects of your pregnancy and includes talks, demonstrations, videos and open discussions on:

  • 3rd trimester of pregnancy

  • signs of labour

  • pain relief

  • relaxation and breathing techniques

  • types of deliveries

  • the birthing process

  • feeding your baby

  • early days after the birth

  • involving dad

We strive to make the day as enjoyable and informative as possible and most mums and dads can’t believe that the day is over so quickly. We find that there is no better training than getting everyone, including the dads and partners, to participate in all the exercises and practicals. Not only does everyone learn this way but it also creates a great sense of bonding and camaraderie within the group.


We find that new mums and dads really enjoy the day and their feedback tells us that at the end of the antenatal class they feel more prepared, confident and positive about the birth and parenthood generally. Dads often say that they find the day particularly beneficial as it may be the first time where they have become actively involved in the pregnancy and the forthcoming birth.





Option 3 - Morning Antenatal Refresher class

For the second time mum we run a 3 hour refresher course specifically designed to update you on the latest information and supports on all aspects of your labour and birth. This is why it is important that you ensure that your teacher is a practicing midwife who will be dealing daily with all aspects, new and established, of pregnancy and birthing. This class forms part of our one full day class. In our experience this approach works very well for the second time mum.


Our refresher class is of great value for mums that may have had a caesarean section the first time around and are now hoping for a vaginal birth or when it has been some years since their last baby.

Optimum time to take this antenatal class is between weeks 28 - 32.


We recommend you book the course by week 26 of your pregnancy.






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