Breast Feeding Classes



Breast Feeding is the "Best Gift" you can give your new baby and is certainly an investment in their long term health and well being.

Our qualified and practicing lactation consultant is a specialist in her field and as Breast Feeding is a skill that first time mums need to learn what better way than learning from the best.


Breast milk is the perfect first natural ‘Live’ food and is especially beneficial if your baby arrives early. Breast feeding maintains and continues the close bond you have had with your baby during your pregnancy.


Breast milk is a super food and protects your baby against common infections and allergies and helps with your baby’s brain development. Breast feeding also helps your baby’s mouth formation, costs nothing and feeding is easier at night and when out and about.


Mum also benefits as breast feeding helps with getting ones figure back and protects against breast and ovarian cancer and osteoporosis. Breast feeding also helps in building that special bond with your baby.


Our 3 hour Breast Feeding class offers guidance and support together with practical demonstrations and exercises on all aspects of Breast Feeding. We recommend you attend our class six weeks to a month before baby arrives.


Our breast feeding class covers:

• The composition of breast milk
• Nutritional value of breast milk
• How breast feeding works
• Ensuring baby is latched on the breast correctly
• Practical demonstrations on correct positioning
• Advise and awareness about common problems


Mother Nurture also gives information on resources and supports in the community.


Our breast feeding classes are held on one Saturday per month and run from 10:00 to 13:00. Classes are open to both mums and dads.











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