Health Insurance

Currently there are three main private health insurance providers in Ireland VHI, Quinn Healthcare and Hibernian Aviva. While most offer varying levels of maternity cover this ultimately depends on your plan. All stipulate, unless you are switching companies, that you must be a member for a waiting period of 52 weeks before you are entitled to maternity cover.


So if you want to transfer from one company to another they will take into account the time you were with your previous health insurer and you will probably not be required to wait another 52 weeks before being eligible. There is also something called ‘continuity of cover’ whereby you must ensure that the gap between leaving one company and joining the other is not more than 13 weeks.


All three major private health insurers in Ireland will contribute towards the expenses of a public hospital birth and an epidural. You also need to check the excess loadings. In making a choice between the plans of the three insurers, you should check the services available in the participating hospitals in your location and the level of cover that you require. Some companies will also cover for birthing assistants, antenatal classes, consultant fees, scans, breast-feeding and consultancy etc.


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