Pre and Post natal telephone support

Mums tell us that support and guidance either before the birth or in those early days after discharge from hospital is extremely beneficial. Certainly they feel having our Pre and Post natal telephone support service allows them to share and discuss issues with an expert in their field.


With your needs in mind, we have designed our Pre and Post natal telephone support service where an experienced midwife is available during the morning or evening to answer your questions.


The midwifes role is to help and advise you on all aspects of pregnancy and following discharge from hospital advice on your babies feeding patterns, colic, bathing and indeed any areas that are worrying you. They will also advise if they feel baby needs additional medical help outside of their expertise.


Mother Nurture Pre and Post natal telephone support services are offered in blocks of three telephone calls as mums tell us that this is the usual number of times they require such a service. Telephone calls usually last between ten and fifteen minutes.





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