Early Days Antenatal Class

Caring and nurturing for newly pregnant mums is a high priority at Mother Nurture. We believe that good nutrition and body care play a vital part in ensuring an uncomplicated and healthy pregnancy and of course ensuring that your baby gets the best possible start.

For this reason we recommend our antenatal information classesp as soon as you discover you are pregnant. Our antenatal classes are run by one of our experienced midwives and a physiotherapist.

Throughout the 2 hour antenatal class we discuss all aspects of your diet, nutrition, the common complaints of pregnancy and food safety. You will also get an opportunity to ask any of those nagging questions that might be bothering you.


During Our antenatal classes our physiotherapist will guide you and demonstrate on:

  • how to avoid postural complaints

  • how to avoid back complaints

  • how to avoid pelvic complaints

  • present a series of useful relaxation exercises




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